I’m a busy bee because I choose to be. I am my happiest self when I am immersed in a project or planning for an event. My favorite phrase growing up was always “do it myself”. At the time, I’m sure this annoyed my parents to no end as I took twenty minutes to buckle myself into my car seat. Now, I think my they appreciate my drive for DIY — Company and Cheer was born from this philosophy! It grew from my desire to design and create, but blossoms because of my love of getting people together.

I hope you enjoy this blog (another little project I’ve taken on) and might feel inspired to throw a few more parties, spruce up the space around you, try something new, and get your hands a little dirty!



INTRO Whichever way you slice it, planning an event is an enormous task. There will always be a ton of variables and moving parts, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a scary or even stressful experience! When I chat with new clients, especially couples about to embark on the crazy journey called wedding … Continue reading

INTRO Weeks go quick, and weekends — even quicker. Schedules packed to the brim with work, family time, to-do’s and plans you wish you never made. It is easy to think of those things first, and ourselves as an afterthought. This blog is written to help pull you from that cycle and encourage you to … Continue reading

INTRO There seems to be two major types of people this time of year. There’s the cookie baking, ugly sweater wearing, and gift wrapping type, yelling, “Alexa, play ‘Rockin Around the Christmas Tree’”! There is also the type that can’t wait for this expensive season of hustle and bustle to be over. Somehow, I feel … Continue reading

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