Nora K.

In what I truly believe was an alignment of the stars, Jenna had one available day left in 2021 that happened to be my wedding day! My husband and I had a speedy 4-month engagement due to some family health issues going on, and Jenna was ready to jump into gear as soon as we got on the phone. I don’t know what I expected when hiring a wedding coordinator, but Jenna totally blew me away! She was calm, reassuring, and really made my worries about the big day melt away each time we talked.

Jenna developed our timeline, did set up and tear down, talked to vendors, guided the wedding party and was the primary point of contact for all day of wedding things. She even navigated the coordination to make sure we could have a lamb spit at the wedding! Hah! She really took care of everything on the day of and every time I ran into her she was smiling, relaxed, and had everything under control. Even my mom (who is as Type A as I am) felt like she didn’t have a job to do! We were all able to enjoy the big day without any stress. It was really one of the greatest wedding gifts anyone could have given us, particularly given our family’s circumstances and the specialness of being together for the wedding. One of my favorite moments was walking into the reception and finally taking in all of the decorations that Jenna had set up and just being absolutely floored at the work she’d done.

I have to agree with the other reviewers here – do not wait! Hire Jenna now because you need her. She is the BEST and whether it’s your wedding, a surprise proposal, or a party – Jenna is going to work her magic and you will wonder how you ever thought you could have planned an event without her!

Thank you, Jenna!!!

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