Creative Coordinating

Jenna R. Buck

Company and Cheer is an opportunity for me to share a passion I’ve had my entire life– making things beautiful. I was born with an artistic eye. From child, into adulthood I have loved to design and create. My college career was heavily concentrated in the art and design field. I excelled in this area because art school is a place that encourages you to go above-and-beyond and think outside of the box. Through those classes and field experience, I was able to strengthen my design skill-set to a professional level.

My passion for designing extends to both my professional and personal life– no girl’s night is safe from the perfect cheese and wine pairings, and no birthday party will go off without just the right table setting and decor. My experience working in the event industry helped me learn how to create a flawless timeline and welcoming environment for any size or type of event. It makes me so happy to get people together and make lasting memories. I always have the desire to create an amazing space and experience for any special day. I would only be so honored to be able to do the same for yours! I look forward to working with you to make your day one to remember!