Don’t let the timing of this blog post fool you. It’s so important, now more than ever, to show people they are loved (not just on Valentine’s Day!). I hope this post helps spark your own creativity and encourages you to surprise a friend, partner, or family member with a warm gesture. Below are three unexpected methods to deliver your message of love.


Sweeter than a candy heart.

It can be a daunting task to pick the perfect card or find a thoughtful gift. Show up with (or drop off) your loved one’s favorite treat — topped with a doting note! Taking the time to craft a custom message by hand will make your recipient feel special and the delivery will feel genuine. It’s a playful way to send a message that’s short and sweet. 

Make it: Paper and felt are great materials to use for this project since they are lightweight. Draw or trace your letters without a space between. Cut out your word shapes and glue to a wooden skewer. I used my Cricut machine to complete this project— this tool is great for intricate cuts. Offset multiple layers and colors to create a shadow effect. Have fun! 


Showcase the meaning of a moment.

Gifting a framed photo is a common way of showing that a memory together is important to you. Send the same message, but in an unexpected way. Frame an artifact that represents that special snapshot in time. Concert tickets, park maps, game night scorecards, or carryout menus… items that may be meaningless to others— but are momentous to the two of you.  

On a recent trip to CA, Seth and I spent a beach day struggling to complete just one puzzle from the crossword book we pick up. We were so excited, when on the way home, we finally solved the last clue. If I had only framed the “pretty pics” when I got home, this lovely little memory may have faded. I gave it visible home on our wall and showed him how much I treasure our small moments together. 

Tip: These display frames make for a fabulous gift. They look luxe, are simple to hang, and allow you to change out the contents in seconds. I have one in each room and use them as a rotating showcase. Because they look fabulous without a matte, they house pieces of all shapes and sizes. 


Table for two please.”

Dining together is one of the most customary ways to celebrate a relationship with someone—dinner dates, lunch with friends, and family get-togethers. A meal may be an expected way to share a little love, but include details that make it feel like a new experience. Surprise a loved one by setting up a thoughtful space for the two of you to share. 

Tip: Find a new location. Make it feel “out of the norm” by hunkering down together away from the dining room. Pull plush pillows up to your coffee table set with elevated pieces like these pretty pink bowls, metallic glasses, and color-dipped chopsticks. Create a 5-star experience even if you’re only serving up your favorite take-out. 

Hopefully these ideas have you feeling all the love and ready to celebrate someone special in your life.



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Opening your home to visitors is a wonderful way to keep your loved ones near and an opportunity to make lasting memories. It allows you to play one more round of rummy or enjoy one more Moscow Mule together— since the only place your guest has to travel, is down the hall! Continue reading if you are hoping to go beyond the routine “tiding up” in your guest room. The sections below will help you prep a space that feels like home and allows your company to rest easy.


Give a nod to a boutique hotel stay by creating a little luxury oasis.

It’s important to provide an area to unpack. That may mean clearing the top few drawers of a dresser or moving your coats from the closet. This allows them to feel settled and at-home. Keep personal items to a minimum in your guest room. This space is best served uncluttered. 

Providing ample lighting can help make even the smallest space feel open. Light-filtering linen curtains offer privacy, while still pulling in enough natural sun to have your guest feeling refreshed in the morning. 

Falling asleep away from home can be difficult (no matter how lovely your guest room may be!). Minimize that factor by providing extra cozy layers to tuck in at night. Add comfortable bedding options that they can pile on to match their personal sleeping preferences.

Tip: Light-in-color linens not only look bright and airy, but they allow your house guests to rest-easy that they are freshly laundered. These towels have a high-end feel but are affordable enough to stock up the linen closet. For a little splurge, treat your guests to a night under this silk filled comforter. Its temperature regulated— making it a perfect layer for all seasons.


Plan ahead for your guest’s needs.

Avoid late night trips to the kitchen or awkward bathroom closet scavenger hunts by providing necessities in the room. Some of these items include water carafe/glasses, towels/washcloths, soap/shampoo/lotion, and charging dock. These are simple gestures that allow your guest to feel *extra* special and relax without feeling burdensome.

Tip: Gather bathroom essentials together— make the trip down the hall easier. Providing a basket or tote gives them a way to carry what they need, to and fro, without dropping their towel. 


Add “newly set” touches.

The key to giving your house guest a true 5-star stay lies beyond the normal dusting or tidying up. Budding flowers, straight from the laundry linens, newly folded towels — all give the sense that things were prepared especially for their stay. Cue those deep breaths of relaxation…”ahhhh

Tip: Keep the au natural aroma going with essential oils. I enjoy the blend of lavender, blue sage, and clove found in the “Sanctuary” concentrate from Grove Co. Mix a few drops of your favorites with water in a gentle mist bottle to create a room fragrance that enhances (but doesn’t overpower) the other fresh scents of the space. Click here to claim a free Grove Gift set!


Greet your guest with a little gift that says “glad you’re here“.

One option, is to shop local for a welcome surprise. A treat from your neighborhood bakery or a small batch candle co. are great options since they can be enjoyed right away during their stay.

Otherwise, you could send your guest home with a takeaway right from your home (and heart ♥️). Package up a loaf of your should-be-award-winning banana bread or fresh cut herbs that show off your green thumb.

Tip: Keep eco-friendly Kraft paper on hand. I use it for many things around the home—wrapping up gifts being one of them. It’s a universal option that can easily be personalized with a note, stamp, or doodle.


Maximize the memory-making. 

We alllll love a Netflix night, but amenities that are a bit out of the norm or have a nostalgic flair offer a more exciting activity for guests. One idea, is to pull a selection of records you think they may enjoy and set them up with a player. 

Tip: Try this portable record player. It gets a lot of use at my place. I love that you can easily move it from room-to-room and that it doubles as a bluetooth speaker. 


  1. Empty room spray concentrate into the Reusable Spray Bottle.
  2. Add water to the bottom of bottle neck.
  3. Replace nozzle & gently shake to mix.
  4. Spritz into air to freshen spaces and enjoy the refreshing fragrance.

I have discovered a majority of my favorite home products using Grove. Click here to give it a try, claim your free gift set, and find the items needed to create your own essential oil spray.

I’d love to hear the ways you make your guests feel special in your home — comment below!

Wishing you and your company, cheer.



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There’s certainly something special about sitting down at a beautifully set table with friends and family to share a meal. Hosting a dinner party is an opportunity to open your home and share quality time with loved ones— BUT, whichever way you slice it— it’s a lot of work. The five sections below are meant to guide your planning process as you create a memorable table setting and experience for your guests. The goal is to save you time, energy (and a bit of $$$) that could be better spent in the kitchen, crating your signature dish. Bon appétit!


Choose an item that speaks to you. Allow it to set the tone for the rest of table design.

I recently came across a few pieces of vintage Staffordshire Ware at a thrift store and was immediately struck by it’s pattern and colors. It serves as an eye-catching accent for this tablescape.

Tip: Update a basic cake stand by layering a statement plate. Use it to elevate food that will stay on the table throughout the meal. It will create more space for family-style dinner dishes. “Pass the potatoes please!” Create this look with my favorite versatile stand!


For an unexpected look, challenge yourself to use hues that may not necessarily be considered the traditional ones of the season.

No shade towards the holiday OGs, red & green— but I was feeling winter blues. The festive color featured on the inspo pieces was the perfect starting point for this bold design. Repeating with taper candles, glassware, and floral garnish brings this monochromatic palette to life.

Tip: Keeping within a color family allows you to mix & match pieces while still keeping it cohesive.


Incorporate elements of different texture, size, and shape for depth and interest.

One of the most exciting aspects of eclectic design is that you can showcase more of your favorite table wear and decor pieces all at once! Create consistency or contrast through color, material, pattern, shape, or style.

Tip: Choose one or more piece(s) of each place setting to keep consistent and create an “anchor”, then enjoy experimenting with the rest! In this case, I used the same utensils, plates, napkins, and bowls but switched up the glassware and chargers for an eclectic feel.


Florals and greenery are a classic way to dress a table, but consider adding other organic elements.

Once place settings are set, the table top can become crowded. Opting to include edible decor elements as part of your design helps you best utilize the space. These golden Bosc pears are the perfect sweet treat to showcase this time of year.

Tip: Adding fresh produce to your table is an easy way to reflect the current season. IMO, fruit & floral are always a winning combo.


Add character, cue the smiles, and get the dinner conversation started with a surprise element.

Finally, for the pièce de résistance! This part of the design is all about making your guests feel special. Get creative and personal with the setting for a memorable meal. These festive, beaded napkin tassels are a bespoke touch.

1. Cut one end of the tassel loop to create one long strand.
2. Slide letter beads on strand and double knot end.
3. Secure a piece of matching thread to name charm under knot.
4. Tie around napkin or wine glass stem.

Enjoy the time you spend at your table with loved ones.

Wishing you and your company, cheer this season!



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Keep happy hour happy— for everyone. Let the five sections below help guide your planning and reduce your stress between “Wanna stop by my place for drinks?” and “Welcome, c’mon in!” You may find hosting friends and family for cocktail hour quite effortless if you set yourself up for success (and have the right things on hand).


When guests are intended to craft their own cocktails, keep it to a few ingredients.

Choose spirits and mixers that easily mix & match. This will ensure drinks end up tasting as good as they look! Although it’s tempting to pull out everything in your liquor cabinet, it leads to an overwhelming amount of options. Even party-goers with the most novice mixology skills will feel confident creating a yummy cocktail as your intentional selections guide their decision making. 

Tip: Provide versatile mixer choices such as as tonic and club soda. Top Note offers a range of award-winning, artisanal options that uplift a variety of spirits. Their “Special Edition: Fan Mixed Pack” features all the essentials you need on-hand for hosting. 


If you want to keep your cocktail crafting area clutter free, it is important to group items together.

When ingredients and barware are effortlessly returned to their original spot every time, it ensures each guest gets the best drink-building experience. For a cohesive setup, transfer ingredients to aesthetically pleasing containers, such as corked jars and decanters.

Tip: Put glassware on a large tray. This will help catch inevitable spills and keep over-pours contained. This heavy-duty marble piece is a versatile option that adds luxurious touch. To add warmth, try this wooden serving tray. Both options look great paired with this handy ice bucket!


Hosting a smaller-sized group makes it easier to create an exciting, bespoke guest experience.

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly times that call for the classic red Solo Cup, but intimate events are a great opportunity for you to put more stylish serve wear to use. Drinks just taste better in vintage glassware, am I right? ; )

Tip: Hit up your local thrift store to collect special glasses. Don’t worry if you can’t a full, matching set. Stick to a color palette, then mix them up! 


Provide fruit, herb, and spice options that compliment your selected spirits and mixers.

A hearty array of garnish allow guests to create a flavorful and memorable cocktail without an over-complicated process.  

Tip: Keep it feeling fresh with toppers that taste and smell like the season. Cue Mariah Carey and a crackling fire for these wintertime cocktails— garnished with large organic cinnamon sticks, Sicilian candied orange peel, and anise star pods.


Straws, swizzle sticks, charms, and napkins offer opportunities for you to get a little creative with your cocktail crafting. 

Gift tags are a super simple (and inexpensive!) way to add festive flair and allow guests to keep track of their glass throughout the evening. Like the look of these? Find them here.

Tip: Don’t go overboard. Be sure your drink decor doesn’t get in the way of practically enjoying the beautiful beverage. 

1. Fill your favorite glass with ice.
2. Pour 2 oz. small batch gin over ice.
3. Mix in limited-release Top Note Gentiana Tonic.
4. Garnish with organic cinnamon sticks, Sicilian candied orange peel, and anise star pods.

If you have a fantastic winter-time cocktail recipe of your own, please share it —comment below!

Wishing you and your company, cheer this season!



Please note, if you make a purchase using some of the links in this post, I may earn a small commission. It is never expected, but a way for readers to support the blog and keep it going! Interested in additional items pictured in this post or others? Click here to shop more!