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Hi there!

I’m Jenna— a new owner of a fixer-upper, where I live with my hubby and giant doggo, Woodward. I’m the proud founder (and Creative Coordinator) of Company & Cheer. I spend most days designing, planning events, or creating.

Glad you’ve decided to follow along! Hoping you enjoy this blog and feel inspired to spend a little more time gathering with your loved ones, trying something new, or getting your hands a little dirty!

  • There’s certainly something special about sitting down at a beautifully set table with friends and family to share a meal. Hosting a dinner party is an opportunity to open your home and share quality time with loved ones— BUT, whichever way you slice it— it’s a lot of work. The five sections below are meant … Continue reading

  • Keep happy hour happy— for everyone. Let the five sections below help guide your planning and reduce your stress between “Wanna stop by my place for drinks?” and “Welcome, c’mon in!” You may find hosting friends and family for cocktail hour quite effortless if you set yourself up for success (and have the right things … Continue reading