Looking to plan a wedding that is unique to you and your partner? My guess, since you are reading this post, is that you aren’t one to pull all of your ideas from weddings you’ve attended in the past or lean on others to make your design decisions. Creating an inspiration board (via Pinterest or other presentation mode) is an approachable way to start the planning process and keep track of ideas you love. Additionally, it’s a visual tool you can use to relay your wedding day vision to your vendor team (planner, florist, bakery, etc.). 

As exciting as it may be to create a fresh “Wedding” board, scroll away, and save hundreds of looks you love — try to take a beat. Maximize your planning efforts, create an inspo board that feels authentic, and avoid wedding design overwhelm by using the steps below.


Spend time reflecting on how you want your wedding to feel. 

Think of yourself as a director of your big day. If asked about why you love your favorite film, you probably wouldn’t say *just* “the wardrobe”, or that you solely love the setting. You would probably talk about how you’re drawn to the mood, aesthetic, or feeling that those aspects produce together. This same idea can be applied to the aspects of your wedding design and the feeling they will create.

Even if you’re already feeling confident that you have some details decided — spring wedding, baby blue hydrangeas, silky bridesmaids dresses — it’s fruitful to dig a little deeper. When you reflect on wedding pics you’ve gushed about in your feed or paint the mental images of your “dream wedding”, what feelings are you met with? A lightness? Maybe whimsy or romance? 

Lean on tone-setting descriptions as a guide and continue to gather inspirational images that cue those same feelings. This will set you on the right path to designing a cohesive wedding that will leave guests feeling a certain way. 


Conduct solo Q+As to direct your visual search.

During your hunt for inspiration, you will come across images that stand out to you and fit the feeling you are hoping to create. Rather than adding it to your board on auto-pilot, ask yourself why you really like that table setting, for example. Is it the pastel palette you’re drawn to? The twinkle of the soft candlelight? Is it the impact of the textured linens drawing you in? Answering these questions will help you hone in on your design preferences and direct more specific searches.


Showcase your specific taste.

When you start discovering what aspects of inspo images you love, (floral installation, place setting, etc.) you can begin organizing your board with those titles. Having categories allows you to efficiently find specific examples later on when you are connecting with vendors about your wedding design. It lets viewers of your inspiration board know exactly what drew you in about each image and gives them a stronger sample of your taste. Like multiple aspects within one photo? Save it to multiple categories! 


  1. Try using the “more ideas” feature once you have a few pins saved in your more specific boards. It will search for similar images that may help evolve your idea even further.
  2. Adding “to-dos” to specific pins is a tool that can help you stay even more organized during your inspo search process. Add notes to yourself, track your thoughts, or make a list of questions to ask vendors.
  3. Be sure to share your beautifully curated boards with the vendors that would find them helpful! This way, they can check back at different times through the planning process to see more of your ideas.

I hope this post leaves you feeling inspired– to get inspired! Best wishes as you work through this process and plan the wedding of your dreams.



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