Some parties are planned well in advance, and some come pop up a little more quickly. Take on the next get-together that comes your way with confidence—using these three DIYs and a few household craft supplies. Each of the sections below provide how-to’s and tips for creating party props. Additionally, they all feature one of my personal favorite materials—rolled craft paper.


One DIY— three purposes!

Functional decor is always a big “heck yes” in my book. This easy-to-create table runner serves as a festive accent, an interactive activity, AND helps with after party cleanup! Win-win-win.

Make this custom for your party by choosing cookie cutters that fit your theme. I decided on these cute animal ones, this time around. Kids (and adults!) have a great time filling in the shapes with their own colors and adding doodles to the spaces in-between. Having a built-in, creative activity at the table helps keep the party contained to one area. 

The paper runner helps with spills and cleanup from cake time too. Just roll it right up—crumbs and all!

Try it out:

  1. Pull & cut a length of paper from your roll that will extend past your table top.
  2. Add a thin layer of craft paint to a disposable plastic plate or palette.
  3. Dip the cookie cutter shape lightly.
  4. Press onto your brown paper runner.
  5. Continue the the full length.

Tip: Use a large variety of cookie cutter forms to create exciting areas to color. Be sure to change directions as you’re stamping so that there are right-side-up shapes at every seat. 🙃


Tie together your party area.

Not only does this colorful banner add festive flair, it also adds an anchored backdrop and dimension to your party photos. 

Make this custom for your party by choosing paint colors that match the mood you are trying to set. I was going for a playful feel, so I went with bold colors that pop. You could easily transform the vibe with pastels for a “tea-party”, earth tones for a “boho bash”, etc. 

Try it out:

  1. Pull & cut an arms-length of brown paper from your roll.
  2. Fold in half length-wise (hot dog style 😉 )
  3. Cut to make three double-folded sections.
  4. Cut down the folded seam of each—giving you nine total flags. Feel free to make more for a longer banner! 
  5. Using foam brushes, add color to just over half of the flag. 
  6. Once dry, use scissors to cut “fringes” that almost reach the top edge of the painted sections. 
  7. Add two holes to each flag with a puncher and string together using wire, yarn, or decorative trim. 

Tip: Play with the amount of coverage you add while painting. I opted to leave it more transparent & sparse in areas to give the flags more texture.


Make your tiny guests feel *extra* special.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just having a fun Friday get-together, putting on crowns makes it even more exciting. This DIY will help you create paper crowns that are customizable and durable—lasting well beyond one wear. 

Try it out:

  1. Draw a horizontal line that will form your crown’s top. Make your line long enough that it will wrap just past both ears. I used a classic zig-zag design for mine. The further you draw the line from the edge, the taller your crown will be.
  2. Connect it to the edge of the paper with two vertical lines. 
  3. Use your scissors to cut one paper crown shape. 
  4. Trace and cut to create a duplicate. 
  5. Sew the two identical pieces together to create a stronger form. This could be done by hand, but I used my compact sewing machine to save time. Use contrasting thread to add a pop of color cohesive to your party. 
  6. Use your puncher to make four holes in what will become the back side of the crown (on the bottom half). 
  7. Lace ribbon through the holes to create an adjustable fit. 

Once the crowns are pieced together, you can get creative with the design. I chose to keep these simple, allowing the kids to decorate further if they wished. Using my Cricut, I added their names in a playful font. Then, topped each crown peak with a tiny pompom

Tip: Use a wide stitch to secure the paper crown cutouts together. It will prevent them from tearing and makes the color accent more noticeable.

I recently added a wall-mounted paper roll station to the kitchen and it has been super handy. I use it for anything from gift wrapping to food prep (and everything in between)! I was excited to come across this one with a tray to hold my snazzy gold paper shears and markers for making quick notes. 

I hope this blog has sparked your imagination and has you excited to plan an at-home party for your littles. Wishing you and your company, cheer.



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