Don’t let the timing of this blog post fool you. It’s so important, now more than ever, to show people they are loved (not just on Valentine’s Day!). I hope this post helps spark your own creativity and encourages you to surprise a friend, partner, or family member with a warm gesture. Below are three unexpected methods to deliver your message of love.


Sweeter than a candy heart.

It can be a daunting task to pick the perfect card or find a thoughtful gift. Show up with (or drop off) your loved one’s favorite treat — topped with a doting note! Taking the time to craft a custom message by hand will make your recipient feel special and the delivery will feel genuine. It’s a playful way to send a message that’s short and sweet. 

Make it: Paper and felt are great materials to use for this project since they are lightweight. Draw or trace your letters without a space between. Cut out your word shapes and glue to a wooden skewer. I used my Cricut machine to complete this project— this tool is great for intricate cuts. Offset multiple layers and colors to create a shadow effect. Have fun! 


Showcase the meaning of a moment.

Gifting a framed photo is a common way of showing that a memory together is important to you. Send the same message, but in an unexpected way. Frame an artifact that represents that special snapshot in time. Concert tickets, park maps, game night scorecards, or carryout menus… items that may be meaningless to others— but are momentous to the two of you.  

On a recent trip to CA, Seth and I spent a beach day struggling to complete just one puzzle from the crossword book we pick up. We were so excited, when on the way home, we finally solved the last clue. If I had only framed the “pretty pics” when I got home, this lovely little memory may have faded. I gave it visible home on our wall and showed him how much I treasure our small moments together. 

Tip: These display frames make for a fabulous gift. They look luxe, are simple to hang, and allow you to change out the contents in seconds. I have one in each room and use them as a rotating showcase. Because they look fabulous without a matte, they house pieces of all shapes and sizes. 


Table for two please.”

Dining together is one of the most customary ways to celebrate a relationship with someone—dinner dates, lunch with friends, and family get-togethers. A meal may be an expected way to share a little love, but include details that make it feel like a new experience. Surprise a loved one by setting up a thoughtful space for the two of you to share. 

Tip: Find a new location. Make it feel “out of the norm” by hunkering down together away from the dining room. Pull plush pillows up to your coffee table set with elevated pieces like these pretty pink bowls, metallic glasses, and color-dipped chopsticks. Create a 5-star experience even if you’re only serving up your favorite take-out. 

Hopefully these ideas have you feeling all the love and ready to celebrate someone special in your life.



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