Opening your home to visitors is a wonderful way to keep your loved ones near and an opportunity to make lasting memories. It allows you to play one more round of rummy or enjoy one more Moscow Mule together— since the only place your guest has to travel, is down the hall! Continue reading if you are hoping to go beyond the routine “tiding up” in your guest room. The sections below will help you prep a space that feels like home and allows your company to rest easy.


Give a nod to a boutique hotel stay by creating a little luxury oasis.

It’s important to provide an area to unpack. That may mean clearing the top few drawers of a dresser or moving your coats from the closet. This allows them to feel settled and at-home. Keep personal items to a minimum in your guest room. This space is best served uncluttered. 

Providing ample lighting can help make even the smallest space feel open. Light-filtering linen curtains offer privacy, while still pulling in enough natural sun to have your guest feeling refreshed in the morning. 

Falling asleep away from home can be difficult (no matter how lovely your guest room may be!). Minimize that factor by providing extra cozy layers to tuck in at night. Add comfortable bedding options that they can pile on to match their personal sleeping preferences.

Tip: Light-in-color linens not only look bright and airy, but they allow your house guests to rest-easy that they are freshly laundered. These towels have a high-end feel but are affordable enough to stock up the linen closet. For a little splurge, treat your guests to a night under this silk filled comforter. Its temperature regulated— making it a perfect layer for all seasons.


Plan ahead for your guest’s needs.

Avoid late night trips to the kitchen or awkward bathroom closet scavenger hunts by providing necessities in the room. Some of these items include water carafe/glasses, towels/washcloths, soap/shampoo/lotion, and charging dock. These are simple gestures that allow your guest to feel *extra* special and relax without feeling burdensome.

Tip: Gather bathroom essentials together— make the trip down the hall easier. Providing a basket or tote gives them a way to carry what they need, to and fro, without dropping their towel. 


Add “newly set” touches.

The key to giving your house guest a true 5-star stay lies beyond the normal dusting or tidying up. Budding flowers, straight from the laundry linens, newly folded towels — all give the sense that things were prepared especially for their stay. Cue those deep breaths of relaxation…”ahhhh

Tip: Keep the au natural aroma going with essential oils. I enjoy the blend of lavender, blue sage, and clove found in the “Sanctuary” concentrate from Grove Co. Mix a few drops of your favorites with water in a gentle mist bottle to create a room fragrance that enhances (but doesn’t overpower) the other fresh scents of the space. Click here to claim a free Grove Gift set!


Greet your guest with a little gift that says “glad you’re here“.

One option, is to shop local for a welcome surprise. A treat from your neighborhood bakery or a small batch candle co. are great options since they can be enjoyed right away during their stay.

Otherwise, you could send your guest home with a takeaway right from your home (and heart ♥️). Package up a loaf of your should-be-award-winning banana bread or fresh cut herbs that show off your green thumb.

Tip: Keep eco-friendly Kraft paper on hand. I use it for many things around the home—wrapping up gifts being one of them. It’s a universal option that can easily be personalized with a note, stamp, or doodle.


Maximize the memory-making. 

We alllll love a Netflix night, but amenities that are a bit out of the norm or have a nostalgic flair offer a more exciting activity for guests. One idea, is to pull a selection of records you think they may enjoy and set them up with a player. 

Tip: Try this portable record player. It gets a lot of use at my place. I love that you can easily move it from room-to-room and that it doubles as a bluetooth speaker. 


  1. Empty room spray concentrate into the Reusable Spray Bottle.
  2. Add water to the bottom of bottle neck.
  3. Replace nozzle & gently shake to mix.
  4. Spritz into air to freshen spaces and enjoy the refreshing fragrance.

I have discovered a majority of my favorite home products using Grove. Click here to give it a try, claim your free gift set, and find the items needed to create your own essential oil spray.

I’d love to hear the ways you make your guests feel special in your home — comment below!

Wishing you and your company, cheer.



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