There’s certainly something special about sitting down at a beautifully set table with friends and family to share a meal. Hosting a dinner party is an opportunity to open your home and share quality time with loved ones— BUT, whichever way you slice it— it’s a lot of work. The five sections below are meant to guide your planning process as you create a memorable table setting and experience for your guests. The goal is to save you time, energy (and a bit of $$$) that could be better spent in the kitchen, crating your signature dish. Bon appétit!


Choose an item that speaks to you. Allow it to set the tone for the rest of table design.

I recently came across a few pieces of vintage Staffordshire Ware at a thrift store and was immediately struck by it’s pattern and colors. It serves as an eye-catching accent for this tablescape.

Tip: Update a basic cake stand by layering a statement plate. Use it to elevate food that will stay on the table throughout the meal. It will create more space for family-style dinner dishes. “Pass the potatoes please!” Create this look with my favorite versatile stand!


For an unexpected look, challenge yourself to use hues that may not necessarily be considered the traditional ones of the season.

No shade towards the holiday OGs, red & green— but I was feeling winter blues. The festive color featured on the inspo pieces was the perfect starting point for this bold design. Repeating with taper candles, glassware, and floral garnish brings this monochromatic palette to life.

Tip: Keeping within a color family allows you to mix & match pieces while still keeping it cohesive.


Incorporate elements of different texture, size, and shape for depth and interest.

One of the most exciting aspects of eclectic design is that you can showcase more of your favorite table wear and decor pieces all at once! Create consistency or contrast through color, material, pattern, shape, or style.

Tip: Choose one or more piece(s) of each place setting to keep consistent and create an “anchor”, then enjoy experimenting with the rest! In this case, I used the same utensils, plates, napkins, and bowls but switched up the glassware and chargers for an eclectic feel.


Florals and greenery are a classic way to dress a table, but consider adding other organic elements.

Once place settings are set, the table top can become crowded. Opting to include edible decor elements as part of your design helps you best utilize the space. These golden Bosc pears are the perfect sweet treat to showcase this time of year.

Tip: Adding fresh produce to your table is an easy way to reflect the current season. IMO, fruit & floral are always a winning combo.


Add character, cue the smiles, and get the dinner conversation started with a surprise element.

Finally, for the pièce de résistance! This part of the design is all about making your guests feel special. Get creative and personal with the setting for a memorable meal. These festive, beaded napkin tassels are a bespoke touch.

1. Cut one end of the tassel loop to create one long strand.
2. Slide letter beads on strand and double knot end.
3. Secure a piece of matching thread to name charm under knot.
4. Tie around napkin or wine glass stem.

Enjoy the time you spend at your table with loved ones.

Wishing you and your company, cheer this season!



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