Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love as a Busy Bee (or bride!)


Weeks go quick, and weekends — even quicker. Schedules packed to the brim with work, family time, to-do’s and plans you wish you never made. It is easy to think of those things first, and ourselves as an afterthought. This blog is written to help pull you from that cycle and encourage you to love up on yourself! I would love to hear the ways you choose to practice this in the comments below!


One of my favorite ways to practice self-love is to try something new. I feel like I grow out of my box but within myself at the same time. I also find the little doses of the unknown connect me back to my childhood. One of my personal goals this new year is to do this at least once a week. For me, that is a pretty mild goal to set since I find newness exciting, but I want to practice it in a more intentional manner. Meaning, I’m not just agreeing to try a new restaurant or take a new class because I was invited along. I want to actually take a moment to ask myself, “Jenna, how are you going to broaden your horizons this week?” 

While occasionally, this may lead to exhilarating or once-in-a-lifetime experiences, I suspect most of these acts will be modest, but rewarding in their own way. Just as easy as it can be to get into a routine with the way we eat or dress, it can similarly happen with our activities and mindset. By switching things up, I’ve found some of my favorite things! 

Kimchi…BOMB! And super healthy. 

Never listened to a podcast a day in my life until friends at work were raving about them. Now I’m obsessed. “Heck yes, Joe Rogan. I DO believe whales are smarter than people!”

I always read kind-of grungy autobiography type books. Tried a mystery novel. BAM! Loved it. 

Ate a worm out of a tequila bottle. Probably won’t do that again, but HEY! I tried it.

I was terrified to get on a Pilates reformer. Now, try to keep me off.

Got bangs. You be the judge of that one…

You get the idea. I know for some, trying new things out or switching things up can cause anxiety or even be quite scary. If that’s the case, start small. I also get a little awkward walking into a new yoga studio or class I’ve never been to before. But if you can push through those feelings of doubt, it can be so exciting to do something for the first time! Try Quinoa. Listen to the entire Post Malone Album. Wear the red lipstick. Watch a foreign film. Try a pottery class. Drink three IPAs in a row. Put those weird little colorful jelly balls on your fro-yo. Whatever will give you that little spark under your butt, do it! New year, new stuff! 


I’m the person that asks for the lunch menu at 9 am, breakfast food is not my jam (no pun intended). What I dislike even more than eggs and bacon, is spending my precious morning moments preparing food. For much of my life, this meant my first meal of the day was either an apple as I ran out the door, or lunch. Only once I learned more about healthy eating and noted what my body (and mind) needed to get through the busy day energized, I realized that my grandma and all posters in my middle school cafeteria were right. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. 

I’m all about make-ahead options for breakfast. If you’re anything like me, you can rattle of 50 things you would love to have time for in the mornings. Get in a morning stretch sesh. Curl your hair. Take the dog for a walk. Actually brush all of the snow off of your car. Hit snooze. Those extra 15 minutes are your oyster, self-love yourself!

I am a huge, huge, huge fan of the Oats Over Night brand! I shake up a pack of their Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana oats (my personal fave, but they have a ton of flavors) with a bit of almond milk before I go to bed. I wake up to a heart-healthy-protein-packed morning meal that literally tastes like liquid brownies. 

Photos taken by: J Hicks Photography


We have those trusty go-to pieces that we know will get us through the daily grind and don’t require a second thought. It is easy to get into a routine (or more of a rut) when it comes to outfit choices. Sometimes, I found myself in a closet full of clothes, choosing some of the same things more often because I was in a rush to hurry out the door. I started to (whenever I could) choose my next day’s ensemble the night before. That way, I feel like I have more time to peruse or even try on new combinations instead of grabbing something all groggy-eyed in the morning. Try it out! Pour yourself a glass of wine and go shopping in your own closet. I bet you will be more likely to rock that jumpsuit or trendy blazer from the back that thinks you forgot about her! 

Feeling like you need a little help switching up your look? A stylist at Wantable can help you find pieces that match your style preferences and busy lifestyle! Use my link: for $25 off of anything you keep!


I know cleaning might sound more like something used to torture instead of love yourself, but decluttering the space around you could actually be quite rewarding! Doing a few things each day — going through the mail pile, organizing your desk or vanity area, or vacuuming the couch cushions, doesn’t leave you with a giant to-do list for those precious days off. Too bad I learned this lesson well after college, but I find I am my most focused, least stressed, best rested, and peppiest self when my environment is tidy. Keep this in mind, cleaning doesn’t have to feel like work. My pick-up sessions usually start with “Alexa, play Shania Twain radio” and next thing you know, I’m shaking my booty and putting plates away all, ♫ Oh, oh, oh, I want to be free yeah, to feel the way I feel. Man! I feel like a woman! ♫. 

Photos taken by: J Hicks Photography

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Best Wishes & Happy Self-Loving!


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